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Lesson One:

Establishing Belief & Preparing the Product

Build your self-confidence and crush any limiting beliefs you may have and to transform your foundation into a solid confident platform.

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Lesson Four:

Auditioning & The Runway

Learn how to audition and walk the runway!

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Lesson Seven:

Your Future

Are you ready? Is there more to explore? We will ponder these questions in this lesson, as well as, make sure you are prepared to connect with me via a video conference to discuss your business goals!

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Lesson Two:

Your Career Path & Setting Specific Goals

What career path are you best suited for? Modeling, acting, TV hosting, building a brand online? In this lesson, we will explore all your options, and work on building out your ladder to success.

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Lesson Five:

Connecting With the Industry

Learn what you really need to present to an agency and what agencies are really looking for.

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Lesson Three:

Capturing Your Look

Practice make perfect! And this lesson you will learn what is needed to capture your best looks, and what agents are really looking for!

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Lesson Six:

Your Business

In this lesson, you will learn the business side of the business from your tax responsibilities to work permits for minors.

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