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8 Things to Keep in Mind When Life Punches you in the Face!

There’s no doubt that life can be brutal at times. Even if you’ve been blessed to this point, there’s little chance of making it to the end of your life without suffering a significant setback at some point.

People are tested when faced with great challenges. Are you confident that you can answer that challenge?

As Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

What will you do when life punches you in the face?

Be prepared when life throws you a curveball:

1. You’ve been down before and rebounded. This isn’t the first time that you’ve had to deal with challenging circumstances. Think back to the last time you thought you were dealing with more than you could handle.

◦ How do you feel about that time now? It won’t be long before you can think back on your current situation and maybe even smile about it a little.

2. There’s nowhere to go but up! If you’re truly at your lowest, there’s a silver lining: There’s nowhere to go but up from here.

◦ Reaching a true low point can be a blessing. It’s a chance to get real with yourself, dig in, and make some positive changes in your life.

3. Even small changes can make a big difference. When you’re at your lowest, even a small change can have a big impact. When your life is operating at a high level, making additional progress can be a lot of work.

4. Gratitude can provide a more positive perspective. Look for things you can be grateful about. Your perspective will change considerably, and you’ll be in a better position to find solutions to your current dilemma.

◦ Gratitude is a great tool to have available during both good and difficult times. Are you strong enough to be grateful when you’re at your lowest?

5. Progress is the key to feeling better. People are happiest when making progress. Set a couple of small goals and achieve them. You’ll feel a lot better than you think.

◦ It’s more enjoyable to be in a rough situation but clearly making progress each week, than to be in a good situation but clearly sliding backwards each week.

6. You’ll laugh about this someday. Long after the fact, there’s something a little humorous about the bad times. You realize how overly dramatic you were at that time. You’ll eventually grow to feel the same way about your present situation.

7. You’ll only be stronger for it. Hard times create strong people. It stinks while it’s happening, but you might even be grateful someday for your current struggles. You’ll become stronger and more capable.

◦ People that have never faced significant challenges are soft.

8. You’re not alone. Remember that there are plenty of people that are willing to help. Avoid the urge to hide from the world and deal with your challenges alone. It’s unnecessary. Reach out and allow others to assist you. What do you have to lose?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when everything seems to be crashing down around you, but you can overcome your situation. Set a simple goal and achieve it. Then, set a slightly bigger goal and achieve it. The momentum you gain can give a great boost of confidence and optimism!

Stay in the game, even when the game gets rough. No matter how challenging your life might be, it could actually be worse. Others have overcome poverty, language barriers, health issues, being orphaned, and abuse, and come out on top. You can overcome your current situation, too.

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