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Hilton La Romana, Dominican Republic

As a wanderlust, "wonderlands" are destinations we seek to discover and explore. Places you may not think of visiting but are surprisingly breathtaking that you will find yourself thinking of them often.

One place that comes to mind for us throughout our travels is the Dominican Republic, and more specifically the Hilton La Romana Resort & Water Park. It is a destination unto itself and offers everything a family or couples could ask for.

Nestled along Playa Bayahibe and the Caribbean Sea in Punta Cana, the Hilton La Romana Resort & Water Park offers a spectacular white-sand shoreline, a brand-new water park where guests of all ages can challenge exhilarating slides, endless opportunities to try local and exotic cuisine. Oh, did I mention this is an all-inclusive resort? Well, it is - and that means endless drinks by the pool and casual to fine dining experiences every day of your stay.

The resort is surrounded by lush, tropical forest and also offers a 5-star spa and stylish accommodations. And a welcome that will make you feel like you are at home.

The all-inclusive Family Resort features 418 family-sized guest rooms and suites filled with luxury amenities for your comfort and convenience. It truly is the ultimate vacation destination and a remarkable destination for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and corporate events!

We stayed here at the resort while filming the 4th season of Travel With Didiayer. The one thing that really stood out to me was their motto of - "Service From The Heart."

You could honestly tell that everyone that works there loves that they do. They all made us feel welcome, and you could see it in other guests' faces. It made the experience more relaxed.

As you know we travel with two little girls that are huge explorers, and no matter where we were or what we found ourselves doing there was ease - with kids! They love families and have an entire kids program to make them feel, again - at home!

Naturally, the kids loved the pools and water park. It was a huge hit with them. I personally enjoyed swimming in the ocean. It was so warm and inviting. We felt free swimming around and enjoying paddling and looking for sea creatures.

However, there is another size to this stunning resort - the adult-only side. The resort also overlooks Playa Bayahibe and the Caribbean Sea, with a variety of activities available on sites such as windsurfing, snorkeling, volleyball, and merengue lessons.

There's nothing like enjoying a drink by the pool with your loved ones far away from families and kids! Even though this resort has two sides, it still feels personal no matter what type of traveler you are.

We highly recommend the Hilton La Romana Resort & Water Park for all those seeking a destination that includes all and has it all!

We will be sharing the accommodations and cuisine of this award-winning destination in the upcoming season of Travel With Didiayer, so stay tuned!

Want to see a room tour? Click HERE.

If this has inspired you, visit their website and book a memorable vacation at the Hilton La Romana Resort & Water Park in the Dominican Republic.


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