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HELLO, my name is Savanna, and since I was three years old, I have been traveling the world with my mum and papa - and now my little sister Olivia. Her travels started when she was only five months old. She's six now, so we've been traveling pretty much our whole lives. We have been to some amazing countries like Australia, Belize, and Costa Rica. Everywhere we go, we learn about the local animals and experience some awesome adventures.

We started the SOS page (Savanna and Olivia Snyder) to share our stories to help raise awareness about protecting wildlife everywhere we go. We have also listed a few organizations that protect our beautiful planet and would love to share them with you to learn more and to get involved.

We Are Proud Supports of the Following Organizations

"The ocean is awesome. Let’s keep it that way.

Our global multi-media campaign is reshaping how people think about the ocean, and we’re inspiring action to protect it. Using the power of film, television, new media, and education, we are building a strong community that supports ocean education and conservation."

- One World One Ocean

"Our vision is to be the people’s environmental organization for the protection of the world’s whales, dolphins, and other marine animals living wild in their natural habitat. We believe that it is essential to involve the public in our mission. We encourage you to become a part of our global community of people who care about the future of our oceans and marine wildlife."

- Pacific Whale Foundation


"At No Kid Hungry, that's our promise. If it sounds simple, that's because it is.

That doesn’t mean ending childhood hunger is easy. We know what works, and we’ve made extraordinary progress for kids and families.

But the job isn’t done, and won’t be done until we’ve met that promise and every single child in America has the food they need to grow up healthy and strong."

- No Kid Hungry

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