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 In season one of At Home With Didiayer, our fun loving host, Didiayer Snyder, takes her audience on a healthy and insightful journey that both entertains and inspires!


Along the way, she cooks with world-renowned chefs, such as Rick Moonen and Mary Sue Milliken and meets up with well respected architects and designers. 


A unique aspect of the format of the show is that within every episode Didiayer aims to give viewers “take-aways” that encourage the audience to explore their creativity.


Furthermore, traveling is portrayed as a source of education and engagement showcased in such episodes as, “Destination: Las Vegas” and “Destination: Santa Catalina Island.”

No matter what episode you watch, this season will have you looking to enhance your home and lifestyle in many uplifting ways.


Season 1 of At Home With Didiayer is available on:

Amazon Prime: Streaming

Roku Channel: Roku device, iOS App, Google App, or Online.

Xumo: iOS App, Google App, or Amazon Device.


Episode 101 - International Flair 

In this episode, we explore the styles and tastes of several international destinations! We begin by discovering the rich history of Los Angeles's own wine story with George Rosenthal. Then, renowned chef, Julian Serrano demonstrates how to make one of his favorite dishes! Next, fashion expert, Lauren Messiah gives us the inside scoop on the hottest London looks! And finally, Didiayer makes a much-needed house call to help transform a dull veranda into a Moroccan oasis! 

Episode 102 - Life's A Beach! 

In this episode, we soak up the sun and head out on the open sea! First, we learn about boats and what life could be like living on the water. Then, we discover some of the best beach communities to live in. Next, Didiayer demonstrates a simple beach themed craft that will inspire you to do your part in cleaning up our beautiful oceans! And finally, wellness expert, Lori Harder shows us how to achieve a beach-ready body! 

Episode 103 - Inspirational Travel 

In this episode, we get a private tour of the traveling exhibit of the secret art of Dr. Seuss! We also take a trip to Las Vegas to cook with renowned chef, Julian Serrano! Then, Didiayer demonstrates how to make a quick craft that will keep the kids puzzled while traveling. And finally, Hollywood stylist, Veronica Taylor, shares space-saving tips on how to pack for your next vacation!

Episode 104 - Wind, Earth, and Fire 

In this episode, we learn about the latest advances in the market of prefabricated homes! Then, we take a journey around the world and learn about some of the most intriguing desert landscapes. Next, we discuss how solar and energy-efficient appliances truly can save you money! 

Episode 105 - Planet and Purse Savings 

In this episode, we learn about the latest advances in the market of prefabricated homes! Then, we take a journey around the world and learn about some of the most intriguing desert landscapes. Next, we discuss how solar and energy-efficient appliances truly can save you money! 

Episode 106 - Small Things 

In this episode, we explore the smaller things in life.... starting with a tour of a truly tiny home in Ojai, California. Then, we discover some great mini-vacation locations! Next, Didiayer shares a craft that will have birds flocking to your backyard. And finally, wellness expert, Lori Harder shares some small steps that we can make towards achieving big changes in our lives. 

Episode 107 - Taking Off 

In this episode, our host travels to an organic farm to learn why buying organic produce is more important than ever. From there, Didiayer implements locally grown ingredients into a dish that she cooks with renowned chef, Chuck Abair. And finally, we step inside Didiayer's craft room for a quick D.I.Y.! 

Episode 108 - The Cooler Side of Life 

In this episode, our host steps into the cooler side of life as she explores the many uses of ice! Then we learn about methods of maintaining health when the weather is less than tropical! 

Episode 109 - Healthy Budget 

In this episode, our host discusses America's hunger issues and what can be done to help families receive better nutrition on a budget! Then, Didiayer demonstrates how to prepare an affordable party craft. And finally, we learn a great “upcycling” project you can do in an afternoon! 

Episode 110 - Going Green 

In this episode, our host reveals industrial uses of the "green movement" as she explores the re-use of shipping containers and how they are applied to modern home design! Next, Didiayer learns about UNESCO and how our modern culture preserves its history. Then, Didiayer shares a water-conscious gardening project! 

Episode 111 - A Little Romance 

In this episode, our host takes viewers on a romantic journey! We begin by discovering one man's love for brewing beer and another's for preparing sensual desserts! Then, we step inside Didiayer's craft room to learn how to decorate a candle. Next, men's stylist, Michelle Harvey shares fashion tips. And finally, wellness expert, Marysia Miernowska teaches Didiayer how to create a romantic perfume! 

Episode 112 - The Value of Being Home


In this episode, our host visits the premier home building company De Young Properties in Fresno, California to discuss with the experts what it takes to buy a house. We then learn about which are the best upgrades one can make to add value to their home. And finally, Didiayer joins up with the Waterless Turf company for a backyard makeover! 

Episode 113 - Destination: Las Vegas 

In this episode, our host discovers how and where to have a multi-international experience all in one place! Of course, it's in Vegas, baby! There, Didiayer is joined by celebrity chef, Rick Moonen and they cook up one of his famous dishes! Then we learn about the epic construction of the Las Vegas City Center. 

Episode 114 - It's A Dog's Life 

In this episode, it is all about "man's best friend!" Our host, Didiayer Snyder brings viewers along as she discovers the most advisable ways to adopt a dog. Then, she meets up with celebrity canine chef, Dakota Weiss to cook up some doggy cuisine! And finally, she takes a tour of a truly remarkable Hollywood “doggy hotel” and learns about the latest in dog-gone fashion! 

Episode 115 - Getting Off The Grid 

In this episode, our host tours a quaint "off-the-grid" home in Ojai, California where she learns surprising insights on how to fulfill such a lifestyle. Didiayer then shares great travel destinations that will inspire you into becoming a more responsible traveler! Next, we learn from wellness experts Niki Schwarz and Lori Harder how to unplug and unwind! And finally, we step inside Didiayer's craft room for a quick re/up-cycling jewelry demonstration! 

Episode 116 - Creative Business 

In this episode, our host discovers the inspiration behind the business of Pocket People with Rita Ross. Then, celebrated chef, Betty Frasier shares her creative passion for cooking. Next, fashion expert Tina Levine explains how recycling items helped launch her business. And finally, wellness expert Marysia Miernowska speaks about her connection between mother nature and her career in herbalism. 

Episode 117 - A Touch Of Asian Inspiration 

In this episode, our host explores the beauty of a Thai temple! Didiayer is granted the opportunity to learn some secrets surrounding Thai cuisine and even has the good fortune of being enlightened by two devout monks. Come along, as we learn about some of the ancient Asian traditions and customs that are still practiced today! 

Episode 118 - Consider This 

In this episode, our host engages with food enthusiast Ragan Brookes about the importance of purchasing food organically. Didiayer then enjoys some healthy bites with French celebrated chef, Herve Guillard! Then, we discover the craft of pyrography and reveal some truly bizarre fashions with Hollywood stylist, Lauren Messiah! 

Episode 119 - Inspirational Ideas 

In this episode, we discover a hidden collection of one of America's greatest artists, Dr. Seuss! We then learn from celebrated chef, Betty Fraiser how to make the best apple crumble! Next, we step inside Didiayer's kitchen and learn about the process of making homemade organic soaps! Then, Hollywood stylist, Michelle Harvey shares some great tips on men's grooming. And finally, Didiayer demonstrates how easy it can be to create an accent wall in an afternoon! 

Episode 120 - Earthly Connection 

In this episode, we take a trip down history lane and revisit the story of the great American cabin! We then go abroad and learn how important and inspiring the world's UNESCO sites are so that you might consider visiting one on your next vacation! Next, we get connected with the Earth's elements and discover how we can heal our bodies from the inside out! 

Episode 121- Destination: Catalina Island 

In this episode, we take you down memory lane and discover the history of the stunning Santa Catalina Island! We cook a favorite island dish with local chef, Edwin Robles, and learn a bit about the art of tile making from an intriguing local potter! Didiayer also shares the best places to stay, relax, and dine while visiting the town of Avalon! And if that is not enough... Didiayer takes you on a wild adventure tour of this magnificent island! 

Episode 122 - Giving Back 

In this episode, we set our focus towards "giving back!" We have a wonderful array of passionate and loving people who share their life stories, talents, and their desires for serving others. For instance, the remarkable Lauri Burns shares her triumphant story of turning her tragic personal pain into a resounding purpose! Beyond that, celebrated chefs Rick Moonen and MarySue Millikin share how they give back to their communities! And finally, Didiayer performs a very special makeover for a wonderful family that has opened their hearts and home to children in need! 

Episode 123 - The Best of A.H.W.D. Design 

In this special edition episode, we highlight the best of our designs from season one! We revisit the best of our crafts, D.I.Y. projects, and makeovers that you can do in an afternoon! This episode is chock full of design ideas and inspiration! 

Episode 124 - The Best of A.H.W.D. Cuisine 

In this special edition episode, we highlight the best of cuisine from season one! In fact, we serve up a menu that will have your mouth watering from breakfast to dinner. Come along, as we cook beside some of the world's most renowned chefs! 

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