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A Plant Based Diet Changed My Life!

Have you been looking for a change? Change in your eating habits, your routine, your overall wellness? Do you lack the energy or just avoid looking in the mirror - but deep down know something has to change? I'm here to let you know you're not alone. Millions of people struggle with losing weight and keeping it off. The most encouraging thing is - you can change how you feel and look. It takes for you to be ready. To believe, and be committed.

Take a read of these transformational stories and discover how they lost their weight and kept it off, simply by being ready to apply what they read and decided to eat after reading Plant-Based Recipe Cook Book. I'm so encouraged by their stories. I hope this motivates you to step out in faith and make that change you know you need to make.

Download this FREE REPORT sample of the book to get started on your journey to great health!


Tara grew up on a typical southern diet of extensive meat quantities served with fried and starchy sides. Through her high school years, she was able to keep her weight down with gymnastics and an active lifestyle, but she began to struggle with her health after the birth of her daughter. Tara was dealing with constant headaches, depression, chronic constipation, fatigue, ulcers, sinus infections, and severe PMS symptoms as well as high cholesterol, blood pressure, and gastrointestinal problems.After becoming frustrated with her debilitating health and the ever-growing list of pills, Tara decided to visit a gastroenterologist. To her surprise, it was simply recommended that she switch to a diet of little to no animal products and high in unprocessed fruits and vegetables. She almost instantly lost 25 pounds and decided to find out more about what the plant-based world was all about.


Adam was always heavier than most of his friends growing up, but despite his weight, he was able to maintain an active lifestyle playing basketball, mountain biking, and other teenage outdoor activities. Things changed in college with his newfound freedom, leaving him less time for an active lifestyle. By the time Adam turned 28, he weighed 290 pounds and had a 44-inch waist size. That same year his wife gave birth to their son, and Adam felt a newfound motivation to get back in shape to enjoy activities with their son.Adam tried low-carb diets, prepackaged weight-loss meals, shakes, and daily exercising, but he wasn’t seeing any results. He talked to his wife and decided to go one week with no meat, no cheese, no oil or processed foods. Before long that one week turned into two years and Adam lost an AMAZING 135 pounds! His success also encouraged his wife to adopt a plant-based diet.


Kristie was nearly 300 pounds when her mother died of colon cancer. Her mother’s passing left her devastated, depressed, and grappling with the fact that she could be headed down the same path if she didn’t make a change. One day while she was laying down crying, she heard a voice say, "If you don't want to be fat, do something about that!"That same day she googled plant-based diets and decided to give it a try. The first 30 days were the hardest, but was she able to stay on the wagon. To her amazement, after just a month she’d already lost 16.5 pounds and found that she had actually begun to enjoy the plant-based recipes she was making. With her dedication, the results kept coming!


Like many people, Bethany’s weight-loss journey included a plethora of different types of diets. She’d tried various fad and crash diets. She watched her portions, counted calories, and more.By the time she was 23 she weighed over 230 pounds, her hair was thinning, her skin was spotty, she had constant headaches, and her mood and energy levels were rapidly declining. She immediately ordered the plant-based book and never looked back from there!

Are you ready to explore what good health feels like and looks like?

Start today by purchasing Plant-Based Recipe CookBook and take it one day at a time.

We would love to see your results. Be sure to stay in touch and comment below! And be sure to share these stories with people you know that need this encouragement.

Remember 2020 is your year to shine!

Download this FREE REPORT sample of the book to get started on your journey to great health!


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