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Real Vegetarian Thai

Asian people have long known that living off the land and eating a vegetarian diet is a real and plausible way to live a healthy lifestyle. No one knows this better than the Thai people. However, they do still like to use a lot of meat in their recipes which makes it difficult to find real Thai meals that are truly vegetarian.

There is a woman who has spent a lot of time in Thailand, three years to be exact as a Peace Corps volunteer. Her name is Nancie McDermott, and she is well known as a food writer and cooking teacher who specializes in Thai cuisine. As a vegetarian herself, she spent a lot of her time in Thailand trying to come up with ways to make the food she was eating everyday meatless and conducive to her vegetarian lifestyle. What she came up with ended up in a great cookbook called ìReal Vegetarian Thaiî and has become a best seller all over the world.

So many people love Thai food, but it's not easy to find truly meatless dishes. Thai cooking expert Nancie McDermott has developed inventive variations on traditional recipes, providing health-conscious cooks with a repertoire of meatless dishes that captures the vibrant spirit of Thailand. Purchase Nancie McDermott's Thai Food Cook Book here!

A helpful glossary introduces readers to the seemingly mysterious yet widely available ingredients and equipment used in Thai cooking and offers tips for finding or substituting them. With an emphasis on the classic techniques, ingredients, and flavors of Thai cuisine, this groundbreaking cookbook provides one hundred delicious recipes for everyday meals and special occasions.

Real Vegetarian Thai has become one of the prominent cookbooks on the market when it comes to Asian cuisine and it is used by some of Americaís top chefs as the definitive guidebook toward producing great Thai food that will keep with the vegetarian lifestyle.

Ms. McDermott has published a gem of a book that makes people realize that they can enjoy all types of ethnic foods without giving up on their choice of eating style ñ especially the vegetarian diet.

This book has so many great recipes for just about any palate. Sometimes the recipes can look a little daunting and complicated, but it assumes you're using all fresh ingredients, which you don't always have to. Basically, once you take the time to create a few of the "staple" ingredients in this book (red and green curry paste are essential), you can make just about anything in here quickly and cheaply. And it's GOOD!

Check out Real Vegetarian Thai and be well on your way to cooking some amazing Thai food within minutes and all meatless to boot! What could be better?

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