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Spirits of the Red Sands

We can not change the choices oppressors did before us, but we have the grace and ability to change the future to be one of love and understanding for all.

Storytelling is a powerful way we can learn, and Spirits of the Red Sands, an outdoor reenactment of a heart-wrenching story about three brothers as they came face to face with the British arrival in the 1800's, is one of the most profound visuals I have experienced. 

We share this story not to burden your heart but to raise awareness worldwide of the native Australians plight, in hopes we can all look towards understanding, forgiveness, and a more loving and unified future for all native people of color. 

For thousands of years, indigenous cultures throughout the world have fought for justice to preserve the very essence of their heritage. The plight of Australia’s aboriginal people has taught us that the magnitude of their journey will never be forgotten and that the heart of their legacy lives on. In this segment, we learn about this incredible story of adversity and triumph, as we step back in time here at Spirits of the Red Sand.

Set amongst relics of the Beenleigh Historic District, Spirits of the Red Sand is a theater experience portraying the tumultuous relationship between Aboriginals and European settlers during the 1800s. Show creator, Mike Tamaki aims to provide “educational tourism” while connecting aboriginal descendants with their cultural past. And this narrative, beginning with an introduction into Aboriginal culture and conflict, moves visitors between several different sets to tell the story of 3 brothers and their plight against hostile settlers and their oppressive dogma.

For more information, visit: https://spiritsredsand.com/

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