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Create a Vision Board for 2021

As an entrepreneur and someone who is always seeking more out of life, 2021 is definitely the beginning of a new year full of possibilities.

If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to imagine life without joy, yet many of us struggle to experience true happiness, and don’t feel like we have a support system at all. Even people in the public eye and leaders fall prey to self-doubt and confusion on where to turn at times.

If you haven't or need to update your vision board, I invite you to join me by creating your very own vision board. A vision board is a powerful law of attraction tool that helps you narrow down your desires through the power of choice.

That’s right - YOUR Choices. It is you and only you who has the power to direct your life. You are the creator of how you think, feel, and act. Every day you are given the opportunity to either create happiness or stay in a state of inactiveness.

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. According to the popular book The Secret, "The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.” huffpost.com

So, How Does A Vision Board Work?

“1. The Power of Choice

Visions boards force you to examine your desires and focus on those that truly matter to you. Whether creating one or several boards, the limited space forces you and empowers you to focus in on your most treasured desires. The process of choosing what to put on your vision board is simple yet meaningful.

First, identify your wishes or desires, then select images that represent those desires.

2. The Power of Visualization

Without a doubt, it is the visual aspect of a vision board that really drives home your desires and sends a very loud, clear message.

Our brain is an incredible machine that is geared toward making us successful with every action we take. Our brain trains our bodies to prepare for action — when we imagine ourselves preparing for an activity, our brains actually run through the process and send signals to the rest of our body to complete the action.

Visualization is nearly as powerful as performing the action. When you visualize yourself living in your dream home or having that dream job, your brain trains your body for that reality.

3. The Power of Consistency

By creating a vision board and placing it in a spot you see every day, you create the opportunity for consistent visualization to train your mind, body, and spirit to manifest your desires”.

Steps 1 - 3 are courtesy of MindValley.com

Ask yourself the following questions to help you get in the flow of your vision:

Do you want to improve your health? If so, how?

Are you looking to find a new home?

Is your goal to save money? If so, what for?

Are you looking for love? What type of love? Be specific.

Are you wanting to have a child, adopt a child, foster a child?

Are you looking for a new career?

Are you seeking more genuine friendships?

Are you looking to improve your language and the art of asking for more of what you need?

Once you have taken a moment and meditated on these questions, go ahead and start building you vision. Remember, you can add to this at anytime! I do a yearly vision board, but always check in with myself and what I have mapped out every quarter to hold myself accountable and to motivate me to keep on track.

What You Will Need

- A pasteboard, cork/pin board, or small wall area

- Photos, magazines, newspaper, images of yourself and loved ones (optional)

- Scissors

- Glue, tape, thumbtacks or pins

- Markers, paint, pens

Now, gather your items and find a quite relaxing space where you can cut away and paste your words and images to the board.

If you’re seeking further assistance and/or advice, feel free to email me at info@didiayer.com, I’d love to hear from you. May 2021 be the year you proclaim abundance and enrich lives around you.



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