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5 Quick and Easy Ways To Wiping Out Obstacles To Goal Achievement

Life is nothing but an obstacle course, it's all about getting through that obstacle course successfully to your desired goal that most people seem to have a problem with. And it's only normal to encounter these obstacles in the pursuit of your goal. It's kind of a test to see if you're worthy. However, when these obstacles start to become a nuisance to the point of almost putting a stop to your goal(s); or worse, making one completely abandon his/her goal, one must take action and think things through. So, with that said, here are some helpful, tested pointers that will keep your attention focused on achieving any goal that you put your mind to. 

Step #1.

Think positive. This means: Do not quit. Especially when one is midway in working for a goal, there should be no room for quitting. To quit is tantamount to going back to the starting line of goal accomplishment. That is time, energy, money, and a whole lot of things wasted and lost. It is more costly to quit than to find a solution to the problem, not to mention the frustration one feels. 

Step #2.

Keep a clear, open, and tense-free mind. Always be ready to receive new ideas. Focus and concentrate. Think on a wide-scale manner and always be open for options(even unconventional ones) to eliminate the particular obstacle you are currently dealing with. 

Step #3.

Persist and Persevere. Be sure to exhaust every possibility, even to the point of trial and error, just to be sure that there is a solution to correct the problem you're dealing with. 

Step #4. Simulate. Try to picture inside your head a possible solution to help overcome and/or solve the obstacle that's setting you back. 

Step #5.

Get assistance. If all fails get assistance from others you know who are more knowledgeable on the work being done. They may be able to help you or not. Their suggestions might not necessarily be the right or exact ones you were hoping to hear, but they may trigger some NEW ideas in finding the right solution to your problem. 

Those are the basic 5 steps to overcoming any obstacle that's holding you back. But... before I go I'd like you to consider this scenario as an example. Let's say you thought of a COOL new product and you are confident and excited that this product will be sellable to your target market once it hits the market. You then go tell a friend about it, but your friend says that your product would be a waste of time and money. Your friend also tells you why it will be such a flop and gives you their reason why as follows: "If your product idea is to be a success, how come nobody else is doing it?" Does this sound familiar? With that being said you decide that your friend is right and forget about your new product idea because of your friend's comment. This exact scenario happens all the time all over the world. Don't fall victim to this. You have your own opinions and beliefs. Though it is good to hear other people's opinions and their reasons, what matters the most is yours in the end based on the information you have received and researched. So the lesson here is, be firm in your beliefs and follow your heart and minds desire. You just never know what the outcome might be.

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