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Don't set yourself up for failure by forgetting how to get motivated!

You are probably rolling your eyes at the title of this article. I really can't say I blame you. I mean, come on. People forgetting how to get motivated? The absurdity of that statement speaks to our assumptions. Most people who are trying to achieve anything with their lives automatically assume that since they are working towards a goal, that they are motivated.

Sure, at some level or other, this is correct, but the key question that is begging to be asked is, are you motivated enough? That is the kind of question that too many people simply do not want to wrap their minds around because theyíre too busy focusing on the small stuff if theyíre not outright evading it. Make no mistake, you have to be motivated in the right way at the right levels of intensity, otherwise you're just not going to make it. If you have a low level of motivation that enables you to at least show up to work day after day to do the bare minimum so you can avoid getting fired, you are technically speaking motivated. But let me tell you, the last time I checked, that kind of motivation doesn't exactly lead to the kind of stellar performance that gets rewarded. You're just doing the bare minimum. You're just going along to get along. In other words, you are an empty detail in whatever organization you are a part of.

You have to aim for a type of motivation that pushes you to operate at peak levels of performance-even if no one is looking. It's as if you canít help but be excellent. I know this sounds weird to you but if you let the whole concept of producing maximum value become your lifeís main mantra then no amount of external discouragement or adverse conditions will trip you up on your journey to personal victory and success. This is the reason why people who achieve habitual levels of success can do the right things at the right time with the right people to produce the right outcomes. They can do this day after day regardless of their feelings or how much opposition they face. Amazing? Not really. You have to remember that in any type of human organization, 20% of the people there account for 80% of the results.

Which group do you think you belong in? Here is a clue. It's not the 20%. Youíre in that 80% that produces 20% of the results. It is no surprise that you are struggling. It is not surprising that you are frustrated in areas of your life because you are not properly motivated enough. You have forgotten how to get truly motivated.

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