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Hale Akua Garden Farm & Eco-Retreat Center

Hale Akua which means (“Home of the Divine” in the native Hawaiian language) is an exclusive, intimate, and secluded jungle garden retreat offering wonderful healing retreats in a spectacular natural setting. Hale Akua is not only a magical retreat but it is a unique journey to unplug and be at one with nature. Hale Akua is designed for all types of people to come and escape to their private island. During the bustle of modern-day activities, we can get so caught up, we may lose track of ourselves. This retreat helps you focus on rejuvenating. Not only do you have the opportunity to focus on yourself in a healing atmosphere, but you can also replenish your body. Being able to surround yourself with nature and a beautiful farm gives you peace. Hale Akua is situated in the lush tropical rainforest which gives them the perfect location for growing organic vegetables and fruits. This is such a unique blend that not only provides a healing environment but gives an Eco-Retreat to all guests or to anyone else who visits.

If you love yoga, you will love this retreat. They have the space to host 50-60 people. The room is 1,050 square feet with high ceilings, a great sound system, and windows and fans to keep it nice and cool. For all of those who love yoga, you know having a great yoga mat is important. If you are looking to travel to Maui anytime soon. I recommend picking up a travel guidebook to prepare you for the best vacation you can have. Don't forget to stay hydrated, stay rejuvenated and enjoy your travels.


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