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The Happy Frog!

If there's one thing that brings us all together, it's food! And if you've ever shared a meal with me, it's often something that will tantalize your taste buds! As an avid foodie, I love fresh organic ingredients that are not only pleasing to the pallet but nourishing for the body.

So, it's no wonder we partner with world-famous chefs, artistic food stores, and restaurants owners to cook up mouth-watering dishes on our TV series, At Home With Didiayer.

One lady I have had the pleasure of meeting is Kim Towner, owner of The Happy Frog, in Coffs Harbour, Australia. I could listen to her all day talk about food! Her business philosophy resonates with me on several levels: community involvement, sustainable efforts, and clean, healthy food.

Committed to creating a healthy, budget-friendly, and inclusive shopping experience for its customers, The Happy Frog specializes in zero waste, ethically made, and locally grown food and homewares. Watch this colorful interview to learn how her unique idea turned it into such a special location for locales and travelers alike.


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