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Fueled by an ambition to engage with the local citizens in many diverse communities, this season’s adventures aim to broaden the audience’s cultural perceptions.


Didiayer and family continue to follow the path as bona fide experience-seekers, casting a light on the essentiality of each destination, serving the audience’s insight and inspiration to take a trip.


Of course, food is always involved! Didiayer will cook alongside celebrated chefs, discussing the influence of culinary arts and food in a particular region.


And just when you think you have seen it all, the family will reveal an adventure that will have you booking a flight to experience it for yourself!


From environmental to fundamental, these half-hour episodes will feature Oceania’s most intriguing places to experience. No matter the destination, Season 3 is bound to inspire viewers to explore this beautiful blue planet we all call home.


Season 3 of Abroad With Didiayer is available on:

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EPISODE 301 - Heart of New Zealand

In this episode, we head straight into the heart of New Zealand! We begin back in time, in an era of proud warriors and ancient traditions with Tamaki Māori Village, the most award-winning cultural attraction in New Zealand. Then we step through Hell's Gate and experience the country's most unique geothermal occurrence. Eager to catch our breath, we lose it walking amongst the breathing majestic giants at Redwood Tree Walk. And finally, arrive in Hobbiton. Yes, that Hobbiton of lore! 

EPISODE 302 - Waiheke Island

In this episode, we seek refuge in Waiheke, New Zealand. Stonyridge Vineyards, a farm that is less about cropping and all about farming flavor- proves to be a fine locality from which to begin this episodic excursion into paradise. Unsurprisingly, our appetite for ingesting the best of this region leads us to the nutrient-rich, Te Matuku Marine Reserve- where we learn the value of a keystone species of the ecosystem... OYSTERS! Bellyful and bound to take a dip, we meander to Waiheke Island Resort to invest in the views like the true appreciative tourists we are! 

EPISODE 303 - Great Ocean Road

In this episode, we admire history from up high while visiting the oldest surviving lighthouse on mainland Australia. Then, we enter into a passionate relationship between an unordinary couple that involves alpacas. Next, our own expectations are blown away by retreating at the 12 Apostles/Alkina Lodge! Following that, we find a soulmate to our fellow animals at Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park. And finally, take a seat at the comfortable whiskey bar at Timboon Distillery before walking on top of trees at Otay Treetop Walk! 

EPISODE 304 - New South Wales

In this episode, we arrive in Sydney by departing into the Ken Done realm of artistry. Set a spin, we then roam the regions of Coffs Harbour and Urunga! Partaking in a happiness revolution in the shape of a grocery store (The Happy Frog) to paddle-boarding with direct descendants of the world's first stand up paddlers down a historical stream- this episode highlights the aim of being open to diversity in epic forms! 

EPISODE 305 - Brisbane

In this episode, we "hang" with some friends abseiling over Southbank Parklands! Then we gather our courage and ascend the Story Bridge. Next, we mount some horses and find ourselves prospecting for gemstones at Thunderbird Park. Finally, we pull over and unwind in koala territory up on Mount Tambourine. 

EPISODE 306 - Cairns

In this episode, we discover where Australia begins by embarking down the Mulgrave River on an exclusive day tour out to the Frankland Islands. Next, we explore a bit of cultural history by spearfishing alongside the Daintree Rainforest. Then we go full eco-touristic while visiting a revered sanctuary of wildlife, Hartley's Crocodile Adventure! Ultimately, we arrive at Fitzroy Island Retreat. Enough said! 

EPISODE 307 - Hawaii

In this episode, we pursue the spirit of ambition while discovering Hawaii's immortal culture! From walking the hallowed grounds of Hilo Coffee Mill to witnessing the reinvention of traditions at Old Lahaina Luau- this episode represents the best of what is to be expected while traveling wide-eyed through paradise! 

EPISODE 308 - Memorable Moments

In this episode of Abroad With Didiayer, we revisit this season's best representations of what it means to seek and find through exploration! 






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